The project approach is based on the most modern software technologies, such as the use of BIM tools for the collaborative design with architects and engineers, that guarantee the correct management of the entire life cycle of the airport terminal.

With this in mind, a complete set of Revit® families, related to all the possible components usually used in BHS (linear conveyors, curves, vertical and horizontal diverters, carousels, sorters and the like, as well as electrical cabinets, emergency push button, and so on), has been developed. These families are not available on the market as libraries or as part of the BIM software itself. This gives to AD-ET’s proposal an almost unique position in the International panorama, being upfront in the development of its own solutions. Each component so developed is associated at its own database from which it is possible to identify its functional characteristics (i.e. bidirectionality, throughput, speed, etc.), electromechanical characteristics (i.e. number and power of its motors, geometrical dimensions, belt type, reference PLC, PDP, etc.) and aesthetical features (i.e. stainless steel or painted finishing).